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Residential Garage Doors

We have a reputation for excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship among the residents of our community. The experienced technicians at Garage Door & Opener Repairs work hard to meet the highest standards for repair. We provide high quality materials, excellent repair and installation, quick response and knowledgeable advice. Each garage door we work on has the full attention of our crew. We know how to really listen to our customers so we understand what the problem is. We answer all questions completely. Our trained technicians have years of experience to pull from when they evaluate your particular needs. That lets them come up with the most efficient way to fix your problem. We always keep you fully informed about what we find and what we recommend...Click to read more

Commercial Garage Doors

Garage Door & Opener Repairs is the number one choice of businesses in the Denver, CO district because they know we meet the needs of all types of industries and companies. We know the field of garage door installation and repair better than anyone in the area. We take pride in working to the highest standards. We hire workers with experience and training so the work gets done properly the first time. We are a business and understand exactly the needs of other businesses. We tailor our garage door services to meet the range of commercial door requirements...Click to read more

Garage Door Repair

When you need repairs on your current garage door, call the experts at Garage Door & Opener Repairs. We can make adjustments, add accessories or an upgrade or perform routine maintenance so they last longer and operate smoothly...Click to read more

Garage Door Spring Services

The springs make your garage door operate efficiently and safely. But if they break, your door won’t work. It also creates a dangerous situation. The way springs work is by tension. Most breaks happen when the door is closed. But occasionally it happens when the door is opening, a real danger. The door can come crashing down, easily causing injury to you and damage to your car and possessions...Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Decades ago, manually opening and closing a garage door was the norm. Now using a garage door opener is the usual method. These remote devices are convenient because you don’ have to get out of your car in all types of weather to open the garage. They require no physical exertion, a big plus for seniors. But if your opener quits working, you can’t get your vehicle in or out of your garage. That can be a major inconvenience...Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

Custom garage doors give pizzazz to your home or business. The experts at Garage Door & Opener Repairs will work with you to create a design that suits your style and tastes. A custom garage door is an investment and a focal point for your exterior décor. It is a way to show off your personal sense of style. We have extensive design experience to create the garage door of your dreams, one that adds appeal and impact and wins people’s admiration. We work one-on-one through the entire process, from design to construction and installation...Click to read more

Overhead Garage Doors

We install and maintain all types of overhead garage doors. We have affordable models that provide basic protection and security for your car and possessions. We also have doors that are completely weatherproof and even insulated. They keep out rain, snow and wind, so your garage stays comfortable and snug. All of our doors last for many years and keep their good looks with minimal maintenance...Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

At Garage Door & Opener Repairs, we can install every type of garage door in the marketplace. We can also help you choose the best door for your needs and actually supply the door that we install. We do the job wherever you are located in Denver, CO and whenever you need the work done. We have the technical ability and experienced crews to do the work quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t matter if the door is at your house or you need a new, secure commercial door for your automobile repair shop. We cater to the needs of residences and businesses, providing a full line of attractive, sturdy doors in a variety of price points...Click to read more

Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors experience a lot of wear and tear from vigorous and constant use. That’s why we always recommend industrial strength doors that are built to withstand the constant weight they get from large vehicles and heavy materials and tools...Click to read more